ProfitTrailer v2.2 Released

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Change log

  • Scripts

    • New (This one can backup the DB on each update)
    • New pm2-ProfitTrailer.json
    • New Run-ProfitTrailer.cmd
  • Beta
    • Bitmex exchange support (Due to lack of testing)
  • GUI
    Add News Feed so you don’t miss out on important announcements
    Basic config is missing the new properties but will be added in the next bug fix release, use Advanced config
  • New
  • Use a Database instead of ProfitTrailerData.json
    • improves resilience against corruption
  • Trade data now stored in the Database
    • reduced likelihood of price loss
  • Bot can process SIGNALS received from Signals Providers
  • Add DEMA and HMA (gain,spread,cross) strategies
  • Add PDHIGH strategy
  • Fix average calculator to use same fees logic for all exchanges
  • Test mode now sends notifications to telegram/discord
  • Users need to add a confirmation to to use leverage trading on Bitmex
  • Most DCA properties can be multi level (_1, _2). except for properties without DEFAULT in front and DEFAULT_DCA_buy_times.
  • New properties (Check the wiki for more info)

     - Add server.use_testnet (Bitmex only)
     - Add server.timezone (Set a timezone instead of timezone_offset supports daylight saving)
     - Add trading.signal_providers 
     - Add telegram.new_signal_notification
     - Add discord.new_signal_notification


    - Add buy_leverage (Bitmex only)
    - Add buy_strategy_direction (Only certain strategies)
    - Add trailing_stop_loss_trigger
    - Add trailing_stop_loss_trigger_arm
    - Add take_profit_safety_arm
    - Add take_profit_safety_fire
    - Add pending_gain_percentage
    - Add cancel_pending_trigger

Check the wiki for the full list of available features and settings