Trading View Integration w/Signals

ptlogosquareBig news for ProfitTrailer today: Signals integration is now available for use!  Version 2.2 incorporated signals processing, and today the subscriptions for processing your TradingView signals was released in the store. It’s $5/month, with multi-month subscriptions available to save you some cash. (Use this code to get 22% off all products, or 50% off lifetime licenses or legacy upgrades. PROMO CODE: Ptrelease22 – limited time only)
How do they work? You purchase a voucher for processing (PT needs to run servers to process and get these signals to your bot), then use the PT Assistant to redeem  the voucher.

Then you set up your TradingView script to process alerts (send as sms to email).  The wiki has the formats you need to include in the alert to make it all work. When the alert goes through, your bot will respond (time has been right around 30 seconds for me)

Options: You can set up  DIRECT buys, where your alert tells the bot how much  to buy and ignore all other buy settings you may have, or you set up STRATEGY buys, which tells the bot to set your buy strat to true – then uses all of your othe buy settings (volume, amount, percentages, trailing, etc)

Nice and direct.  Not a TradingView pro? No problem, over the next few days, there will be some providers available – you subscribe to their signals program through the store at their pricing.  I know of 2 about to be released (Awesome Signals and CryptoGnome), but there will be more choices coming.

All in all, a great addition to the bot, especially for TradingView geeks….